Do I need an ORM service?


Do I need an ORM service? The right questions to ask before hiring one.

Last week, we shared D-I-Y tips to help you handle bad reviews on your own. This week, we’ll help you visualise the process of ORM and choose the right online reputation management service.

Do you need help reputation management online? If you have tried to handle the task by yourself, it can be overwhelming if you have too many bad reviews to handle. Therefore, hiring an agency to help you is the obvious choice. 



What areas will I need help in managing my online reputation?

Content development and management: In order to build up a good reputation, you need to circulate high-quality content online. This means making your website and related online properties (social media, listings etc.) organised, user-friendly and attractive. Most reputation management services will help you improve your existing content and create new material so that users will not only find positive results about you or your business right away but will also find them relevant and worth reading.

Social media optimisation: Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can all help you grow your business or personal brand, but it takes only one negative comment or complaint to cause a pitchfork-bearing episode. Most ORM services can help you monitor your social network to make sure they're business-appropriate, and flag off any posts that could potentially affect your reputation.

Third-party website monitoring: Your websites and social media channels are things you can control, but there are also third parties that can damage your reputation without your consent. In the grand scale of the world wide web, anyone can post negative stuff about you or your business. A former employee, displeased customer, fierce competitor--anyone. Also, it's not difficult for a dissatisfied person to create a new website or blog to disparage your company with malicious posts or false information. Reputation management services will monitor the internet for this kind of content to see what people are saying about you.

Search engine optimisation: Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process that improves the visibility of your online content by influencing them to rank higher in popular search engines like Google. Reputation management firms will cover SEO so internet users searching for topics relating to your business will be more likely to find you. SEO can also be employed to emphasise the positive information and push the bad to the farther reaches of the internet. This way, people who search for you or your business won't be immediately greeted by negative results.

Feeling overwhelmed? Synthesising each of these steps is crucial to successfully handle your reputation online, so it's important to choose an agency that is able to employ each strategy and handle the follow-up in a timely fashion. Speak to us for a complimentary report today!


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