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Grace at one of the best seats in the office

Grace, age 24 joined PurpleClick as a Social Media intern in 2016. As a young, fresh graduate, she took a calculated risk to take on an internship at a local agency as compared to joining an MNC straight up. In just 5months, she was offered the opportunity for a role as a full time Digital Marketing Optimizer. A role, that is considered to be the ‘heartbeat’ of the company and not for the faint hearted. Join us as we have a Heart To Heart Talk with Grace to find our what it took to get her to where she is today.


As a fresh graduate, How did you get started with your job search?

With the increasing trend of Social Influencers, my interest was in Social Media and I found myself naturally leaning towards the Online Advertising industry.

I did my homework and chanced upon PurpleClick for an opening as a Social Media intern via intern.sg. But, I was still undecided between starting off in an agency or a corporate MNC.

On one hand the corporate world requires a whole different skillset. Different rules, and different opportunities. And it doesn’t help with the known fact and common mindset from graduates that agency life is tough work with lots of late nights and “Sai Gang” (menial work).

How then did you decide to start out your career at PurpleClick?

Many have asked, “Why should I choose an agency?” Considering that I am young and not afraid of agency life and the fact that I wanted to put myself in the best possible environment to learn, I decided to take on the internship to get a feel on agency life first hand for myself and be the judge of all those hearsays of ‘Agency Life’.

Taking on the role of a Social Media intern, I was tasked with content creation and creative conceptualization. With this digital exposure, my interest in Social Media eventually moved into performance based marketing. 

After 5months interning paired with good reviews from your peers and management, you were offered the role of a full time staff as a Digital Marketing Optimizer. What drew you to the role of a DMO?

As an intern, I got the chance to work very closely with the DMO team. I got to experience for myself the intensity of client’s expectations on a daily basis and the cohesiveness of the team on how they work together to overcome each and every client and campaign differently for optimum results. This somehow made me realize that under the right condition, anyone can be an ‘Influencer’ – to write and design, and push out content. But to develop strategies for Performance Marketing is where the call for talent is. And in this time and age, it is an essential skill to hone.

I took on the full time position because there was much to learn and I was impressed with the team’s structure and cohesiveness, a quality that most may take for granted.

The team is very supportive. It is the one place that you know that you are safe. We are bound to make mistakes and there is room for error. There is no shaming, no blaming and we learn and grow from each other’s mistakes.

Overachieving campaign results excites me. And being able to put my best work out collectively as a team for the client to see makes my day.

As a specialized role, what is the skill/ quality for a DMO to possess?

Persistence and Resilience is key. Not discounting the fact that you have to be very detailed and meticulous and being open that along the way you will definitely make mistakes. You need to know and accept it and learn, grow from it and not harp on it. If you don’t move on from it then you will never get to grow as an individual to pick up more skills.

What would you tell your 20year old self and any advise to fresh grads?

I would tell myself to ‘Start early so you can find your niche/ full time role quicker.’

To all the graduates and soon to be graduates, there is no lack of opportunity so look for it. Start young and don’t be afraid. Think of what you want to learn, set your own goals and then pave your path with the knowledge that interest and opportunities may change so be open to it.

One word to sum up your time with PurpleClick thus far?

Bittersweet. Bitter for the hard work and the steep learning curve to play catch-up. You have to accept it. You can’t run from it and you cannot be afraid.

Sweet, for the colleagues here, whom I now call my friends.

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The team's after office hrs thrash talk therapy 

Grace is now a seasoned DMO with 40 over clients campaigns under her belt. Being in an industry where it changes so quickly, there are endless learning opportunities and development for individuals. The question is do you have what it takes to Make it Click?

If you think you do, drop us your most impressive resume at career@purpleclick.com

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