The Thing About Online Reputation Management: Secrets Revealed


Is ORM a thing? In the “Internet of Things” (IOT), connecting any device (your fridge or smartphone) to the Internet gives people multiple avenues to source for info. Don’t you want the info going out about you or your business to be top-notch? Obviously. That makes ORM a thing. 


Is maintaining ORM (online reputation management) important for an offline business?

Virtually everyone is an internet user, and virtually everyone has some form of information about themselves online. Your customers want to know they are doing business with a good company, so poor reputation online has a chance of driving your rightful business to your competitor.



How much will negative online reviews cost my business?

Reality is such that the quality of your goods and services is measured by what others are saying about you or your business, whether you are in the restaurant, dental or cleaning business. In a Nielsen poll of 25,000 internet users from 50 countries, 70% expressed that they trust what people post online. Another study on the impact of bad online reviews supports these findings, demonstrating that a single negative result about a company or product on search engines can cost that company ~22% of potential customers.

When you're doing research for a product or service you're going to buy, how many negative articles does it take for you to decide to not buy the product or service?


I own a small business, do I really need ORM?

4 negative reviews (see above) about your business or product could mean risking 70% of potential customers lost to your competitors. 


Why does Google pick a particular link from a website to display on search result pages?

Google SERP just indexes websites and shows a list of URLs. Search engines by design, favour negative reviews and put them in the top of search pages. So when an internet user writes a negative blog post or posts on a complaint board or forum, chances are, that will appear on the first page faster than you can spell ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’.

Can ORM help to remove negative search results from Google Search Engine Results Page?

While it is unrealistic to say that anyone can remove negative links from Google that easily, there are multiple ways to do it yourself:-

  • Reach out to the author of the negative content
  • Displace negative content with better content
  • Leverage good customer relations and get them to review your business on reputable web and social platforms

Come back to our Blog next week and we will share more about some DIY online reputation management techniques you can try your hand at.

What exactly will PurpleClick help me do?

Our clients range from TCM clinics to Fortune 500 companies. We use a method of SEO to try and give maximum control possible over as much information available about you online--whether it is information you want others to see or no one should see.

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